The Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Playbook

A free way to learn valuable skills for executing your partnerships, connecting with like-minded leaders, and amplifying your impact

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Our vibrant communities allow you to connect with other learners as you explore the playbook. Share best practices, receive peer-to-peer support, and find crowd-sourcing solutions from partners across different geographies and sectors.

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Designed for multi-stakeholder partnerships like yours, and created by leading experts and practitioners from around the world, these modules will equip you with the skills needed to unlock your partnership's full potential. 

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Ensure all of your partners are heard by...

Amplify your partnership's impact by...

Hold your partnership to a higher standard by...

A private community for your partnership and everyone involved 


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Consult and include community members when defining the problem and developing strategies.

Start Date  |  Jan 18, 2021

Recognizing Power

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Radically Expanding Networks

Philanthropy University

Reduce hurdles for new partners by lowering logistical burdens and understanding the priorities of other sectors.

Start Date  |  Jan 18, 2021

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Moving to Accountability

Philanthropy University

Opening the books on all aspects of the partnership: incentive structures, costs and outcomes.

Start Date  |  Jan 18, 2021


The report powering the Playbook

Presented at the World Economic Forum in 2020, the report proposes four Calls to Action to help radically improve multi-stakeholder partnerships and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


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